HomeShadows switches off, even though the switch (1) is set to “ON”.

Possible reasons:

  • Is the power cable plugged in?
  • Did a time switch turn the device currentlessly on?
  • Did the device turn off due to overheating?

When a or b are not the reasons, then verify the status of the blue status LED (4).

Blue status LEDs
They are flashing constantly
HomeShadows befindet sich im Standby Modus und wartet auf Tag/Nachtzyklen. Der Schalter befindet sich auf „AUTO“ und das Gerät ist somit nicht permanent eingeschaltet. HomeShadows is in the stand-by mode and waits for day/night cycles. The switch is in the “AUTO” mode and the device is therefore not permanently on.
Flashing 10/90%
HomeShadows switched off due to overheating. Please check if the ventilation slots are dirty or covered. The device is ready for use again after cooling down. If a, b or c are not the reasons, then the device could be defective.