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Patented world first deters burglars

HOMESHADOWS is a world first with a patented technology that effectively deters burglars. The innovative system generates shadows in living spaces which simulate movement patterns of people. The burglars will conclude that there is someone present and they will look for other destinations.

Most burglars do not want to take any risks and they look for houses and flats in which they can break into undisturbed. Especially burglaries after dusk take place frequently, since burglars assume, on the basis of dark windows, that the inhabitants are still at work or on the way. Inhabited places are avoided in the vast majority of cases.

The team of founders developed this innovative device in a two-year-old development process in cooperation with a producer specialised in series production. The device brings direct presence simulation through moving shadows into uninhabited flats and houses. It creates very realistic effects with a light source of 60 high performance LEDs. Research has shown that typical shadows consist of random patterns and that they usually do not depict exact silhouettes. The light distribution is taken over by a specially designed optical lens system. HOMESHADOWS generates, in real time, different random movement scenarios, and it simulates them in the room. The device also regularly lets the shadows of two people appear at the same time. Thanks to its special algorithms, the patented system ensures that rest periods and movements balance out. Too many movements are not realistic. If there are too few movements, they might be overlooked by a burglar. The shadow movements on curtains, blinds or walls intuitively convey presence to the viewer, which presents a high deterrent potential for burglars.

The technology is silent, does not produce any false alarms and is very low in energy consumption. HOMESHADOWS is maintenance-free and very easy to use. Neither installation nor programming is needed. With only one switch, one can chose between continuous and automatic operation. In the automatic mode, the device measures the lighting conditions of the envirnoment and activates itself in darkness. Therefore, HOMESHADOWS is adapted for a continuous activity during longer absence periods, such as during holidays or when visiting relatives.

HOMESHADOWS even offers additional security when someone is at home. It is possible to simulate presence in the rooms where nobody is present at the moment. This way, the house appears to be more inhabited and potential burglars must assume that more people are inside. This means a higher sense of security, particularly for the elderly or those living alone.

You can find a video about the operating principles and further information on YouTube. HOMESHADOWS is a registered trademark.


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