In the AUTO mode via the light sensor (2), HomeShadows neither switches ON nor OFF.

The most common reasons are:

  • HomeShadows does not recognise any day/night cycles. Ensure that the sensor (2) on the back of the device gets enough light. If it is placed on a shelf for example, you can push a bit forward in order to provide more light for the sensor.
  • The switch (1) is set to “ON”
    → SChange to the “AUTO” mode.
  • Verify whether the light sensor is defective:
    • Switch off the device. Set the switch to „OFF“.
    • Put the device in a dark room. Cover the light sensor (2) completely with a finger and set it then to the „AUTO“mode while you keep the light sensor covered. If the device turns on, the light sensor works properly.

If the device still does not switch on in the “AUTO” mode, read “3 steps to security”. If that does not help either, the sensor could be defective. Please pay attention to the instructions under „First steps“