The blue status LEDs are flashing. What does it mean ?

Blue status LEDs
Always ON
HomeShadows is in the stand-by mode and waits for day/night cycles. The switch is set to “AUTO” and the device is therefore not switched on permanently.
Flashing 10/90%
HomeShadows switched off due to overheating. Please check if the ventilation slots are dirty or covered. The device is ready for use again after cooling down.
Flashing 50/50%
HomeShadows has become too hot since the last time the switch was pressed, or it is trying to prevent overheating by reducing the brightness. Please check whether the ventilation slots are dirty or covered. Once the device has been cooled down, simply switch OFF and to ON/AUTO again to reset the flash warning.
This procedure ensures that the user recognises a possible overheating even when the device is already cooled down again. Thus, actions such as cleaning or changing the installation location can be taken, and a reliable application can be guaranteed.