The shadows are recognised only weakly from the outside. How can I improve their visibility ?

  • It has to be dark in order for the shadows to be seen. During the day, it is impossible to see any shadows due to the light conditions.
  • Ensure that no additionally switched on light sources are simultaneously illuminating the same curtains, blinds or walls that are already being illuminated by HomeShadows. In case of doubt, switch off any extra sources of light.
  • The closer HomeShadows is located to curtains, blinds or walls, the better the shadows are visible from the outside.
  • When curtains do not let enough light through, then the shadows are not seen that well. If possible, use translucent curtains.
  • If you use blinds, pay attention to the slat positioning. In dark rooms, they can be tilted up or down. Try different slat positions in order to optimise the visibility of the shadows.